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And So It Begins...

Just over a year ago we purchased this small farm. At the time we had no idea the adventures that awaited us. Over the course of these past 18+ months we have grown so much both in knowledge and size. We have learned that replacing 6-strand barbed wire fencing is definitely a task to be done in the cooler months. That no matter how beautiful and luxurious a chicken coop is, silly chickens may still choose to lay eggs in random ( and sometimes awkward) places. Cows are not much different that us, in that they have special bonds with one another and those who care for them. And, not much on this Earth compares to the sense of accomplishment and joy that caring for animals, growing one's own food, and a good bonfire on a chilly fall evening brings. Within this time we have also added 6 calves, 47 chickens, and 2 goats to the farm. And soon, we will be adding the sweetest little farm hand (Baby Pearl Due Nov. 2020) you ever did see. It has been a wild ride, but we are so very blessed and eagerly await the surprises the good Lord has in store for us!

Sending you all love and good health from the farm!

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